• Are you really overwhelmed by the symptoms? If you think about it, you are not. 99% of the patients can completely endure 99% of the symptoms. But the fear caused by symptoms is unbearable for everyone.
  • If the fear disappears and only the symptoms remain, it will be just a piece of cake, how do you think? Adequate theory is the prerequisite for recovery.
  • If you don’t understand this, you will never be able to overcome fear itself. But the mere “understanding” of theories won’t work, or work significantly.
  • As theory isin your subjective consciousness. It can help you fight against fear when symptoms come. It is useful, but not enough!
  • Only when the theory penetrates into your subconscious. And replaces your previous wrong subconscious. Can you truly be afraid when symptoms come.
  • And this is the only way to recover. For this reason, I would rather be annoying by telling you over and over again. As there is really no better way to make these ideas deep into your subconscious.

Goose bumps and scalp tingling

  • “I felt a sudden electric current coming out of nowhere. Circulating around in my body and finally reaching my head. My hair stood on end, my arms were full of goose bumps.
  • Sometimes half of my face was numb, and my scalp was tingling.” “I get goose bumps all over my body when I am nervous and excited, and then my scalp tingles. Could it be that I am sick?”
  • Yes, you are indeed sick, but it is not the “precursor of facial paralysis” that you imagined. Nor the “precursor of cerebral infarction”. Actually, your nerves are really “sick”.
  • Scalp tingling and standing hair (goose bumps) are the stress response of the body to stimuli such as cold or fear. At this time, there will be a layer of small pimples like goose skin.
  • As there is a small muscle under each fine hair-the arrector muscle (also called pili muscle). When animals (including humans) are under threat. The excitation of sympathetic nerves will cause the arrector muscle to contract.
  • And small bumps will protrude on the surface of the skin, causing the hair on it to stand on end. This is stress response to keep warm or scare away the enemy.
  • Just think about the “big hair” cat. It is just that humans have less hair due to evolutionary needs. This is true for normal people. Not to mention those with anxiety disorder.
  • In addition, the same is true for scalp tingling. It is just self-protection behavior from your “nerves”. Which mistakenly think that you need to keep warm or fight off the enemy. A simple understanding is required for this point. There is no need to delve into it.

Are you really so miserable

  • Categorize your discomfort level from 1 to 10 and suppose the real situation is 1. What you feel may be 5-10.
  • This is because your nerves are extremely sensitive, and this is anxiety disorder. For a normal person, it is even possible that his discomfort level is 2. But he can’t feel it, which means the discomfort does not really matter, doesn’t it?
  • Of course, this does not mean that discomfort is caused by your random thoughts. On the contrary, your feeling is real. Any discomfort caused by nerve sensitivity is magnified ten times and a hundred times.
  • Which is also caused by wrong signals sent by the nerves. Well, just accept and let it go. For example, everyone will suffer from dizziness or visual deviation to some degree.
  • If the degree of visual deviation is from 1 to 10 and my visual deviation is actually 1. I may feel it is ranging from 5 to 10.
  • When it is 5, I think I can endure. But when it reaches 10, I will be really uncomfortable. When I practice and try not to care, it gets better day by day.
  • As I know that it may be 2 for normal people, which is more serious than me, although they can’t feel it. Another example is hypoglycemia. In fact, hypoglycemia is not worth a fuss at all.
  • And the proportion of women with hypoglycemia is even more than 50%. Hypoglycemia can cause blurred vision and groggy feeling. But it will stabilize.
  • Likewise, your level of hypoglycemia may be only 1. Which is more normal than normal people. Once you have anxiety, this feeling may also be amplified to 2- 5 times, causing you great fear.
  • This fear prompts your adrenaline to rise and further amplifies your symptoms. Which become 2-5 times or even 10 times worse.


  • Let me ask, at this time, who can stand it? The same is true of the heartbeat. What some people do not understand previously. Is that they can “hear” their heartbeat so clearly, and it is so loud!
  • It is the same reason. Our nerves are too sensitive, which send the wrong signals. Once you have understood the reason, you will not care about it. Anxiety
  • As the more you think about it, the more nervous your nerves will become. And the adrenaline will continue to be secreted wrongly. Which lead to wrong signals sent by the nerves.
  • Vicious circle comes again. However, it is normal when you don’t understand it and you are afraid. If you continue to care about and be afraid of it.
  • After you have understood it thoroughly, it is your own fault. Maybe you will say, I have already understood anxiety disorder, why am I still afraid?
  • What I want to tell you is that your understanding. Still stays in the subjective consciousness and has not penetrated deep into the subconscious.
  • Then how can you counteract your deep-rooted wrong subconscious? Real understanding of anxiety disorder means that the wrong cognition for all symptoms. Is completely replaced by correct cognition.
  • So as to achieve a thorough, unified and correct cognition from the depths of subconscious. Instead of the subjective awareness. Only by this you will finally achieve the real purpose of getting rid of the fear.
  • Caused by anxiety disorder and gradually become used to it.

Night terror (1)

  • First type of night terror often occurs when people are about to fall asleep or have just fallen asleep. The heart skips a beat suddenly and you feel like it has stopped beating.
  • At this time, the patient wakes up suddenly,accompanied by palpitation, dizziness and fear. Night terror also occurs with another form, that is, a sudden awakening. With feeling of being unable to breathe.
  • There is also a kind of situation, which is nerve beating. The patient is suddenly awakened by the nerve beating, accompanied even with tremors.
  • Most patients may have encountered this situation, which is a most common one. And is similar to the first type of panic attack. Even if you have completely overcome panic attack.
  • This type of night terror can still swoop in, as it occurs when you are unconscious or nor conscious enough. At this time, your will is the weakest, which can be deemed. As slow subjective consciousness and the subconscious takes the initiative.
  • If your subconscious cognition is not correct enough. You are your subconscious reaction is hypochondriasis and fear. This sudden situation will make the patient at a loss.
  • Even for patients who have a certain understanding of anxiety disorder (but their understanding is not correct enough). It is difficult to make a rational review and analysis under this situation. And even have the urge to rush to the hospital.
  • At this time, I suggest that you not continue to sleep by enduring the fear. And not let your family members call the emergency number. All you have to do is turn on the light, stand up. And slowly wake yourself up from half-dreaming.
  • Don’t be afraid and don’t dread. Your disturbed nerves don’t “know” that you are sleeping now. And “think” that you are in “danger”. So they make a protective stress response.
  • Making you temporarily in “fight” or “flight” state. This situation will not cause you any harm, it will only “scare you” at best. When you are awake, you can better analyze and deal with it.
  • When you are fully awake, “the practice for dealing with panic attacks” is a good choice. You can try to fall asleep again after the “practice”. It doesn’t matter if you can’t fall asleep, you can listen to music. Read a book, or do something that you like instead.
  • For patients who only wake up from this type of night terror, it is enough to finish the part. You can just skip the following chapter about night terror.


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