Night terror (2)

  • If the first type of night terror is a somatic response. Then the second type is a mental symptom. It also occurs when you are about to fall asleep or have just fallen asleep.
  • For the second type, what is different is that the thought of patients has entered. A black hole which is out of control. Some people even think of this situation as the symptoms of a “mental patient”.
  • They wonder if a “mental patient” will have such thoughts before becoming “mentally ill”. This situation gives patients fearful and terrified thoughts, which cannot be controlled.
  • There are also some patients who say to me: “I feel that I am out of control immediately I fall asleep. My thoughts are uncontrollable and it seems like I am going crazy.
  • My God, what should I do? I’m going crazy.” There are also some special patients who are temporarily unable. To distinguish between dreams and reality after being awakened by nightmares. And their fears persist for a long time.
  • Same as the first night terror, you just need to turn on the light, stand up. And slowly wake yourself up from half[1]dreaming. You can then listen to music, read a book or do something you like. To distract your thoughts temporarily, which will be good for you.
  • Although “facing” is the top priority, there should be room for it. Under special circumstances when you feel unbearable. It is completely fine to take a roundabout occasionally.
  • You need to know that no matter what type of night terror it is. And although it looks terrifying at the time, I want you to remember. That you will not die or go crazy. This is what countless patients have experienced, and now they are still fine.

Pain is temporary, the power of adrenaline is limited. And nerve disorders are harmful to this degree at best. All you have to do is wait for it to fade away. When it is dawn, you will have a rebirth again.

Feeling seriously ill

A certain of subtle doubts and worries might arise in case of serious illness. It is because all the problems that are “severely ill”.

After suffering from anxiety as you were a healthy person before. Or to say the least that you are not a “severely ill” person? Nothing in the world can escape the word “reason”.

Maybe it is just a coincidence. However, why does it appear on thousands of patients at the same time? Therefore, stop wondering if anxiety disorders can have that much of an impact, the answer is yes.

“Illness-ridden feeling” is something that every patient may have experienced. The impact of anxiety disorders involves all aspects mentally and physically. As the autonomic nerves spread all over the body,

We should not be deceived by those temporary illusions. With my help, a considerable number of patients were able to sing, dance, play. And run along with the feeling of “being severely ill”. And they later found that they could be do the things. As good as any normal persons or even better.

Remember, you are healthy.

Sleepiness different from Narcolepsy

  • In fact, these are totally unnecessary to worry. “Sleepiness” is different from “narcolepsy”. “Sleepiness” does not resemble an uncontrolled sudden falling asleep.
  • Whereas the patient with anxiety disorders who have the so-called “sleepiness”. Is only because he or she sleeps too long during the day. And does not want to get up because they love to sleep so much.
  • Ms. Zhou is an example. After suffering from anxiety disorders. It was common for her to sleep for more than ten hours. And sometimes she even slept for 20 hours.
  • According to her descriptions, when she woke up in the middle. She could be able to get up but just didn’t want to. Although such state occurs not as much as insomnia, it is not rare.

It is not that something is wrong with your body. It is just that the parasympathetic nerves are overexcited. Which is the opposite of sympathetic nerve excitation that can make your heart rate slow. And you become tired, drowsy and the like.

Drowsiness- Controlled by yourself

  • This level of drowsiness could be controlled by yourself. And if you have nothing important to do at that time. It is fine to sleep more as sleepiness is nothing wrong, right?
  • If you have to, or only need to “pull yourself up”. You could be able to wake up from sleeping. You don’t have to give too much attention to this.
  • Just do the things according to your own state. It is not a strange, big problem. And living with it peacefully is a good choice.

Cough or dry cough (1)

However, as the test showed that there was no problem, they relaxed. But as long as the cough did not end, their fear would reappear a few days later. “I just had a cold a few days ago.

And now I may really have been affected by COVID-19. What should I do?” They then went to the hospital to check the heart, lungs, and trachea repeatedly.

However, the worry and anxiety still continued despite of the results. Which showed that there was no problem, or it was just inflammation of the trachea.

Pushing their fears to be relieved just a few days. To a healthy person. This kind of behavior and thought may seem unbelievable, but it is real and common.

Patient’s nerves are at a very “sensitive” state, and all kinds of strange symptoms follow one after another.

Causing their fragile nerves to be continuously stimulated. Making the nerves become more sensitive. The increasingly sensitive nerves will compel patients.

To exaggerate any inconspicuous things that happen to them (around them) without limit. Especially the change in the body. Even if it is just several times of dry coughs.

Cough or dry cough (2)

  • Examination and analysis are always the first and most important step in correcting cognition. So let’s take a look at why people with anxiety disorders always cough.
  • Many patients once came to the hospital for examination. Because of coughing intermittently for several weeks or even months without relief.
  • But the cough did not disappear. Hence, hypochondria and fear came out, “Will there be a tumor in my lungs?”.
  • It is no exaggeration to say that I have heard such words thousands of times.

Diseases caused by bad emotions

  • Modern science and medicine have proved more than once. Negative emotions will cause the body to stress response, and this.
  • No matter how heavy or light, will trigger a physiological response, namely. Locus coeruleus dominance – sympathetic nerve stimulation – epinephrine secretion – pituitary – epinephrine secretion.
  • It is just that most of the physiological responses are so light that you can’t feel them temporarily. This is especially true for the patients with anxiety disorders. And it does not even require a bad mood as a fuse to trigger this response.

Which is why many patients react: “I have no anxiety at all recently with no wild flights of fancy. But the terrible symptoms still happen”. For some friends who were enjoying their lives.

  • Had appeared with physical and mental symptoms inexplicably. After knowing this, let’s return to talk about cough. The formation and recurrence of cough are often the result of the combined effect of many complex factors.
  • And in which mental factors, including rage, anxiety, fear and worry, account for a very large proportion.
  • By cerebral cortical and vagal reflexes or hyperventilation (which is often involuntary in patients with anxiety disorders).
  • But the over-reaction of vagal nerve itself represents the normality in patients with anxiety disorders. That is to say. If you have already gone to the hospital for relevant examinations.

And the doctor had told you that there was no problem or just a small problem. Stop suspicion and don’t take examinations again and again. Because patients with anxiety disorders themselves “should” cough. Then many of them would ask why other patients do not cough.


Remember, what you need to do is to turn this correct perception into your own thoughts. Only then can you truly get rid of your fear, enter into a virtuous circle.

And fully recover.You may have been tired of listening to the end part of each symptom. But I am sorry, in order to make your sub-consciousness. Could catch a correct cognition in the case of the symptoms come.

I would rather repeat it again and again.


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