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Advanced Course Anxiety Disorder Self-Healing


The book in about dealing with anxiety disorder and how to recover and it also taught the ways of Self-Healing.



The recovery from anxiety disorder is the most concerned
and urgent question for all patients. Here, I can tell you
responsibly that anxiety disorder can be completely cured,
no matter how long you have been sick, for a day or two,
or for five years or ten years, and how serious your
“ disease” is, you can be completely cured. Yes, what I
mean is recovery, a complete cure. Once you have
achieved that, you will be even healthier than before, both
from the “body” to the “mind”.
Among the countless patients with anxiety disorder I have
helped in the past few years, the symptoms vary from mild
to severe. Through psychological intervention and
treatment, I have witnessed too many patients be saved
from despair and fear to hope, then to recovery step by
step, like a rebirth


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