Recovery Story

Recovery Story

Like everyone else, I was once one of the 60 million patients with depression and anxiety disorder in China, and I was a veteran patient with severe symptoms. Now, I have recovered for many years.

I used to have many symptoms: arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, discomfort in the chest area, heartache and tingling, hypertension, hypotension, dizziness, vertigo, sweating, limb weakness, bloated eye and pain, tremors, stomach cramps, stomach cramps, scalp numbness, half face numbness, flesh-bone separation, sound of bones all over the body, throbbing of the skull, heart rate being above 120 for three months, back pain, pain under the left rib, shortness of breath, foreign body sensation in the throat, tinnitus, ear blockage, ear stuffiness, cranial throbbing, palpitation and nervousness, sense of unreality, long-term insomnia, etc. At least half of my above symptoms lasted uninterruptedly for 24 hours for at least half a year. The symptoms of thinking were: severe depression and moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder, not to mention panic attacks, which attacked frequently at anytime and anywhere with a strong sense of near-death.

Having said so much, many patients will definitely have inner reflections, even see replicas of me. But today, I’m not trying to make you seek resonance. My only purpose is to tell you that no matter how severe your anxiety disorder is, whether you have been sick for a day or two, a year to ten years, you can still be thoroughly cured, like me and other patients I have helped. Remember, it is a complete recovery and you will never have a relapse.

Micheal Clark

Business Owner In USA